Training type for physical health

There are three types of exercises identified. Each has its own purpose and is related to the human body. These types are described as follows:

Exercise Flexibility: This type of exercise is designed to increase muscle movement and connection. The most common examples of this type of exercise are stretching and flexible flexibility training training. Heating using flexibility exercises is recommended before being involved in more formal programs and regiments and at the end of the program to help the cooling process. By using the flexibility training program before and after programmable exercise helps reduce muscle pain and / or injury and help in the right muscle recovery.

Anaerobic exercise: This type of exercise is most often associated with building muscles and increasing size, strength and durability. Heavy removal is very commonly associated with an anaerobic exercise. Muscular activities such as functional training, weight training and run used. The exercise of flexibility is very closely related in the application of anaerobic exercises for heating and cooling periods. Without the initial heating and proper cooling activities, extensive damage, i.e. Muscle teeth, can lead to the application of anaerobic exercises. Some activities included in this sports class are sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, squat and paddles. The use of weight lifting / bodybuilding equipment and / or resistance bands also fall into this category.

Aerobic Exercises: Also known as cardiovascular exercises, strengthen muscles and promote cardiovascular durability. This is done by targeting certain heart rate targeting and training work specifically designed to reach the maximum and controlled heart level. This type of exercise is intended to increase oxygen intake by body cells. Using a moderate intense training rate to the higher up to at least 20 minutes, moving muscle groups as requested to achieve effective oxygen intake and an increase in heart rate. Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and playing sports are usually identified as aerobic exercises. These exercises are most effective in helping to lose weight. These exercises must be preceded by the heating period and then followed by the cooling period.

It’s never too late to start the training program, from the youngest to the first. If it is reluctant to exercise outside the home or in gymnasium (public place), you can always choose certain sports equipment and exercise at home. The active training program is not only proven to be useful in improving physical health, but also helps in treating depression and mental illness.

A warning note is that without the right diet, too much sports may be dangerous for health. Therefore, it strongly suggests that a balanced diet program is included in a formal training and regiment program. It is recommended that pregnant women and individuals have medical complications consult and seek suggestions from appropriate medical personnel before applying or participating in certain exercise programs and will help recognize and prevent possible health risks.

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