The Sports Supplement Guide: What You Need To Know

Food supplements are also the allies of athletes! Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, find our complete guide to choosing them well!

All accomplished athletes, whether professional or amateur, are aware that the quality of their diet plays a key role in their exploits and performance. But a qualitative and adapted diet is not always enough to meet the athlete’s specific needs. For a good reason, depletion of nutrients is present in food. Stimulating food supplements will make up for certain nutrient deficiencies specific to athletes.

There is a long list of supplements touted as sports supplements, but very few have received scientific accreditation for their true effects on physical performance. We propose in this article to draw up a non-exhaustive list of products that will effectively improve strength or endurance, increase exercise efficiency, and achieve a performance goal more quickly by increasing tolerance to more intense training.

These organic food supplements from SNAC for example for athletes can improve performance provided to accompany a healthy lifestyle. They will in no way replace a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What Is The Importance Of Dietary Supplements For Athletes?

Intensive training has the unfortunate tendency to burn the body’s nutrient reserves. Athletes who engage in endurance activities beyond the small hour of training or practice in hostile environments (extreme temperatures or high altitudes) will see their reserves melt like snow in the sun. Fluids, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and nutrients will be depleted. To perform at their best physically, an individual must have adequate nutrition, hydration, and nutrient intake.

Combining a balanced diet, food supplements, and sports, a healthy life will allow athletes to be efficient without losing all their energy and being deficient.

Sports supplements such as Aerobitine® for example come in various forms, such as tablets, capsules, solutions, powders, and bars. If they are effective, it is often because they contain ingredients whose positive action on the body is no longer to be proven. These are often concentrated amino acids, proteins, creatine, and caffeine, nutrients that give the body strength and resistance during exercise.

Why Take A Stimulating Supplement Before A Workout? How To Combine Food Supplements And Sports?

We don’t teach you that athletes burn many more calories and energy than sedentary people. The whole body is solicited during an intensive sports practice. At this rate, natural resources are depleted very quickly, hence the importance of providing your body with enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to adapt to energy needs. For the choice of food supplements to take, it is necessary to consider the nature and intensity of the sports practice.

For strength activities (weightlifters, sprinters, cyclists): preference should be given to supplements that facilitate muscle recovery:

  1. Creatine
  2. Amino acids
  3. Proteins
  4. Omega 3
  5. Vitamin complexes

For endurance sports:

  • proteins
  • Multivitamin preparations
  • amino acids
  • Ergogens: casein, glutamine
  • Iron

It is possible to combine several food supplements for sports after consulting a professional. In this way, athletes will benefit from the specific virtues of each other.

Dietary supplements for athletes should generally be chosen for their ability to:

  • Avoid inflammation due to oxidative stress
  • Reduce the impact of free radicals
  • Thin the blood
  • burn fat
  • Give energy
  • Repair and protect the bone system
  • Provide nutrients: zinc, iron, magnesium, etc.
  • Promote muscle reconstruction
  • Improve strength or endurance and post-workout recovery

We will also favor organic food supplements for athletes and those marketed by recognized brands.

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