Sign That You Have Insomnia That You Should Know

In order not to let your difficulties sleeping well penalize you in your everyday life, it is essential to quickly detect the signs of a sleep disorder because this can be completely treated.

You regularly have difficulty falling asleep

The first sign is the most objective and concerns the quantity and quality of your sleep, which you must be able to assess based on different elements:

  • Recurring difficulty falling asleep
  • An almost systematic inability to stay asleep
  • Early and regular awakenings in the morning or the middle of the night

These criteria are the first signs to identify a sleep disorder.

Chronic insomnia most often sets in as a result of a so-called adjustment or reactive sleep disorder, that is to say, developed in response to an initial stress factor.

Faced with this difficulty sleeping which you need lice treatment virginia for example, you will tend to put in place inappropriate behaviors such as going to bed too early, getting up later, or even taking naps to make up for the developing lack of sleep. These behaviors are based on beliefs and inappropriate thought patterns, such as the idea that you have to force yourself to sleep to achieve it, that staying in bed allows you to recover, or that many of the difficulties encountered during the day are due to lack of sleep.

The failure of these strategies to work will generate anxiety and ruminations, leading to a state of mental hyperactivity, which can manifest as intrusive thoughts and feelings of helplessness in the face of intense mental activity perceived as an obstacle to falling asleep. People affected by attention deficit disorder (ADHD) are also affected by this hyperactivity which prevents them from sleeping.

This state of hyperstimulation leads to perpetuating the sleep disorder, which will set in according to this paradoxical logic of counterproductive efforts put in place to find sleep and which, on the contrary, fuel the difficulty of sleeping.

To remember

Sleep disorders have a direct impact on your daily life. Between headaches, physical pain, and exhaustion, you have difficulty concentrating and being in good shape to face your day.

Several signs can identify if you are affected by a sleep disorder:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Changing your behavior
  • Difficulties concentrating and remembering
  • Alarm clocks during the night
  • A feeling of fatigue on waking
  • Anxiety as you approach going to sleep
  • Headaches

However, this disorder can be overcome through several methods, such as hypnosis, LiceDoctors for example cognitive and behavioral therapy, or breathing techniques.

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