Fit pregnancy: how to exercise during pregnancy

Appropriate pregnancy exercises beneficial for mother-to-be and fetus. First, this helps keep muscle tones and make labor progress easier; Second, this helps control body weight in a healthy range, and helps pascapartum mothers recover their body shape easier. However, pregnant women must remember that you can only exercise during a particular stage of pregnancy, giving adopting the appropriate exercise for various stages and individual physical conditions. In this article, we will discuss ways that are not suitable for mother-to-be.

(1) fit pregnancy – exercises that are not suitable to expect mothers

If you are in a gest of 3 months to 28 weeks, you must pay attention to the type of exercise you choose. It is wise to do some recreational exercises such as swimming, Tai Chi, walking, yoga, and other sports that are relatively simple. Don’t avoid strong stomach exercises, or movements that need a lot of leaps or running like badminton, tennis, horseback riding and scuba diving. Among other things, diving is the most dangerous because it can easily make pregnant women in hypoxia and thus cause fetal malformations.

In addition, exercises that cause fatigue or excessive are not suitable for pregnant women. In addition, you have to drink plenty of water during exercise, and the best is to add fruit juice, not drink water. Cola drinks and sports are clearly not for healthy pregnancies.

When you experience vaginal bleeding, fluid flow, unusual pain or sudden pain, chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe or persistent or dizzy headaches and other problems, you must immediately stop training and visit your doctor.

2) fit pregnancy – exercise for various stages of pregnancy

You must be very careful in choosing the type of exercise during the first trimester. Heavy exercise must be avoided during this period. In pregnancy for 3 months to 28 weeks, pregnant women can do some appropriate exercises. But after 28 weeks in pregnancy, it is not recommended to exercise because the fetus has grown very large at this time, and inappropriate body movements can cause allergic contractions, which lead to premature labor and other problems.

(3) fit pregnancy – how to exercise during pregnancy

Breathing exercises are often the best for pregnant women because they can help pregnant women relax, present and also help in the process of sending with contractions.

Breathing is superficial: sitting on the floor, past the foot in front, straight, exhaust breath with mouth breathing.

Breathing in: Sitting on the floor in a comfortable position, crossing the foot in front, keep your back straight, breathe deeply and slowly exhale, repeat the exercise.

In addition to breathing exercises, pregnant women can also do some muscle exercises including muscle exercises and thigh muscles. The pelvic muscles tend to weaken during pregnancy. Strengthening these muscles is very important for pregnant women to have fluent delivery. You can do pelvic muscle exercises 300 to 350 times a day. This exercise is very simple, you just need to resist as hard as possible to tighten the muscles (like holding back when you feel urinating) and then relax. Repeat this exercise 30 times and rest when you feel tired.

Thigh muscle exercises are also quite simple: sit straight on the floor, keep your feet tight and opposite each other. Use your hand hold ankle, and try to move it closer to your body. Then use your elbow pressing your thigh, save this position for 10 seconds. Repeat 15 times.

Overall, it is recommended that your doctor get information if you want to be involved in regular exercise. For pregnancy training, heating activities are very important. Aerobic exercises like walking and soft stretches are good exercises for full heating.

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