Deciding To Make Vape Juice At Home Yourself

Millions of people worldwide have successfully used vaping to help them quit smoking, and one of the things that attract so many people to this is the choice of available flavours. There are so many different flavours you can choose that it is hard to know where to start when you are new to the world of vaping. Many people love to customise their vaping experience, and there are many types of devices you can use to help you do this. However, if you want total control over your vaping, you may also want to consider making your vape juice at home, and below is a short guide of everything you will need to get started.

Shopping For What You Need

It is a relatively simple process to make e liquid yourself at home, and there are not too many ingredients or much equipment you will need. You can purchase everything you need online, and once you have everything, there is no need to repurchase e-liquid when you can make it at home. The things you will need to make your vape juice includes:


Propylene Glycol (PG): A substance commonly found in the food industry, and it gives the vaper a hit on the back of the throat, similar to smoking.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG): This is also commonly found in the food industry, and the vegetable glycerine is what makes the massive plumes of vape smoke.

Liquid Nicotine: You will need to have nicotine in the vape juice you use until you wean yourself off on your reliance on it.

Flavourings: You will also need to buy the flavour additives to make the variety of flavours you want to vape, and there are many choices available.


Bottles: You will need bottles to put your finished e-liquid into once mixed.

Funnel: You will also need a funnel to make pouring the vape juice into the bottle more manageable.

Measuring Jug: You need to measure the ingredients precisely, so you will need a measuring jug to do this.

Bowl: You will also need a bowl or other container to mix the vape juice and something to stir it.

Getting Started

If you look online, you can find plenty of recipes that you can follow to make vape juice yourself at home, and you can click here to get some to get you started. You will need to measure out the PG and VG, pour this into your mixing container, and add the desired amount of liquid nicotine. You then add the flavourings you want to use and mix everything thoroughly. Once mixed, you can start pouring the mixture into the bottles using the funnel and then sealing them.

You can use your e-liquid straight away, but for best results, you will want to store it in a cool and dark place for about a week, and you will find the flavours have a much fuller body when you do this. You can keep tweaking the recipes you use until you get it exactly how you like it, and then mix yourself a large batch to ensure you never run out of your homemade e-juice.

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