Alcohol Withdrawal and its Three Stages

Even though there is a decrease in the number of people who have been consuming alcohol, there is still a high rate of alcohol abuse around the world. Alcoholism is a kind of disease that affects the suffering in many ways. There can be side effects to get rid of the suffering but that too has side-effects on the body which are varied.

There ethanol in alcohol and is considered as a depressant drug, which means it slows down vital functions in the body. Once you consume alcohol it slows down the reaction time, speech, and movement. The process of alcohol removal can cause more side effects and in some cases death too.

To get rid of this, you need to have good doctors and can find them with Detox to Rehab. They can treat you with the best comfort and support, there are three phases of withdrawal from alcohol each one has different reactions.

Stage one has the side effects that usually affect first around 8 to 10 hours after you have had the last drink. These are severe symptoms, but they can still be hard to have an easy alcohol withdrawal experience. The common side effects experienced are insomnia, anxiety, nausea etc.

Stage 2 seems to be having severe side effects compared to stage one, the side effects start after a day or two of the last drink. The most common side effects are high plod pressure, irregular heartbeat, and high body temperature. There would be higher chances of having mental problems than in stage one.

Having the stage three side effects can be very risky if not treated, it is even life-threatening. It mostly happens to those who have had a long history of alcohol abuse and then suddenly stops. It is accompanied by hallucination, mental confusion, seizure, and fever.

Recovery is very important so if you find these side effects make sure to seek help.

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