Acne and care for cure acne

Acne is a disease – characterized by skin and disability acne – which affects almost everyone at some point in their lives, and especially in their teenagers. Acne is also known to affect some adults, especially pregnant women and those who have just been delivered.

This condition is known to have a strong correlation with changes in body hormone levels, changes that occur during puberty, pregnancy and post-Christmas periods.

Acne can be a very troublesome condition, seeing that he tends to affect the face and other body parts that are very striking. For this reason, acne patients are known to try hard to seek care for these conditions.

Acne treatments vary in the sophistication of the use of simple domestic substances (substances used around the house) which have been proven from assistance in acne treatment, with herbal use and the use of several drugs that have shown efficacy in the treatment of conditions. Treatment of non-acne substances, such as phototherapy and laser treatment has been used in the treatment of conditions with great success, such as directed indirectly (such as psychotherapy and counseling) used to help acne patients with conditions.

Now the idea of ​​using psychotherapy in the treatment of acne can look far, until you meet face to face with the worst forms of these conditions, where it finally affects a person’s appearance significantly, and has the potential to influence someone’s self-image – important – the important component of self-esteem and happiness , But even the forms of lighter conditions have been known to affect people’s happiness significantly, especially in a very common form of conditions (forms that affect adolescents), see that it attacks the victim when they are most sensitive about their appearance and how others see them ,

General herbal treatments used in acne treatment include tea tree oil (which have anti-bacterial quality) and versatile herbs, aloe vera. Both tea tree oil and aloe vera have shown undeniable efficacy in the treatment of acne, although it should be noted that acne treatment using these two herbal drugs requires time, sometimes even up to a month, before the patient can experience visible changes.

The drugs used in the treatment of acne on the other side include all antibiotic ranges, from topical antibiotics (applied where acne stains) such as triclosan to oral antibiotics – this is digested by mouth but whose effect is gradually manifesting in the skin, a general example is Minocycline and Trimetoprim. Because acne has hormone roots, hormone treatments may also be employed in care, especially for more severe cases.

Non-substance care for acne including phototherapy and laser treatment – and this has also shown good efficacy in the treatment of conditions. This comes with additional benefits from their fast work, seeing that the treatment speed is one of the factors that tend to be very special by acne patients.

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