7 good reasons why we need to exercise

Exercise is an activity done by most people who are health conscious every day. There are various forms of exercise that can be made depending on what type of person can do and part of which body he wants to target. After exercising, someone can feel better, fulfilled and more active. This makes exercise important for all of us. We are all aware that exercise is very important for the body but some of us don’t know what benefits we get from exercise. For those who want to lose weight, they know how to help sports burning calories, reducing weight. But in addition to losing weight there are many benefits that can be obtained from what can be obtained from exercise.

First, sports help keep the heart and lungs in good condition. The heart and lung are two vital organs of our body and both must always be in good condition so they can function properly. Exercise helps keep us away from heart disease by increasing blood flow in the heart and thus lowering blood pressure and controlling cholesterol levels. Next, sports strengthen bones and muscles. The more we exercise, the more bones and our muscles grow stronger. They adapt to the type of exercise that we do and when we grow old our bones will be harder and harder to be violated compared to those who do not exercise in a younger life. It is said that when you strengthen your muscles, the bones will also be strengthened and the stronger and the harder your bones are increasingly flexible to doing even heavy work.

Another benefit we get from the practice is that we get better sleep. Exercise helps make us sleep better and faster because after exercising at the beginning of the day, we feel tired at night and it makes us easier to fall asleep a good especially for those who have difficulty sleeping. Keep in mind to avoid exercising 2 to 3 hours before going to bed because you might not be sleepy and become too active.

Sports enhance our mood and reduce stress. If we exercise in the morning, we feel very alive and alert to start our day and have energy to do our work. Exercise also reduces stress because after we exercise, we feel good about ourselves and we feel more fulfilled so we forget our problems at home or at work. Exercise also produces a stronger immune system. When we exercise, our bodies function properly, our blood circulation is extraordinary and our immune system is much stronger in rejecting the disease. We are healthier when we exercise and this helps keep us away from many diseases.

Another important benefit we get from exercise is to increase physical appearance and self-esteem. Sports make us stay fit and when we look fit, we feel confident about ourselves. We knew we look great because of the extraordinary figure we achieved through sports. The people are jealous of us if we look sexy and this increases our confidence. As mentioned earlier, exercise helps us lose weight. If we exercise regularly, the more opportunities we have in losing weight and eliminate excess fat in our body. The less fat we have, we are healthier.

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